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Founded in 2012  as a premier provider of field installations services to medical providers throughout the US, Medinstalls LLC has specialized into two areas of operations.

As a women owned enterprise, it serves as a federal contractor in the medical device and equipment sector, collaborating with manufacturers to enhance their sales through US government contracts.


Avanto Hearing is the new retail operation of Medinstalls with focus on OTC Hearing health products, accessories and services.

The Founder

Silke Putscher

Silke Putscher, President of Medinstalls LLC

At Medinstalls, Silke brings her extensive experience in global supply chain, including regulatory sourcing requirements for US and international markets alike.

With a proven track record of reducing cost on multi-million dollar contracts, with strict quality product/service requirements, she has not only improved pricing, but overall vendor performance for eHome, Target, Deluxe and Starkey all contributing to the bottom line.


Her expertise ranges from medical devices and equipment, consumer electronics, services and payment systems for Fortune companies as well as start-ups. 


On the retail-side, her experience in marketing and operational and quality process improvements,  delivered the highest-rated customer experience in the computer industry ("Computer stores" in the US, as rated by Trustpilot) for over nine years.

She brings a wealth of technology, digital, and strategy experience from her previous leadership positions and now also leads activities centering around OTC hearing health products and services. 



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